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BOOMA is a 2D Platformer with a boomerang mechanic.
Play as a cute alien whose only wish is to fly to Earth - but the only spaceship on its planet is broken!
You set out on an adventure to find the missing screws and replacement parts for the spaceship.
Enjoy exploring the planet, defending yourself against evil aliens and solving puzz les!



Booma is a little Puxxin-alien living on Krix, a dwarf-planet from a far-away galaxy. It’s not the best planet to live on since Krix has been used as a trash can by surrounding planets in the hopes that Krix’ acid landscape will disintegrate the intergalactic waste. But to no avail - Krix is a huge junkyard.

No wonder Booma is longing for another planet: Their biggest wish is to some day visit earth! 

Our story begins when Booma finally encounters a thrown-away broken spaceship. So they have to leave their safe area and find Replacement Parts, as well as enough screws to repair the broken spaceship.  Equipped with a boomerang they will explore their little world and go on an epic adventure!


Throw your Boomerang

Freeze your Boomerang

Knock out Enemies

Collect screws


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BOOMA.zip 150 MB

Install instructions

1. Download .zip file

2. Unzip file

3. Start .exe

Don't move or delete the .pck file.

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