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Grind your blades, saddle the wolves and get ready to rumble!

Celtic Rumble is a local-pvp turn-based strategy game, where players dominate using superior tactics and unit composition.

Two players battle over dominion on a grid-based map.  The Chieftains command their tribesmen, struggling to take control of the border or to defeat the enemy chieftain.

Lead your clan in a tactical battle for border dominion.

HireIcon Conquer Land - Gather Gold!
HireIcon Hire Units and customize their strengths.
HireIcon Defeat the enemy lord or capture the border to win!

Outsmart Your Enemy

Take advantage of the strengths of your units - counter the enemy's weak spots.

  • Position your units to flank
  • Different unit abilities allow for devastating maneuvers

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Website: http://celticrumble.school4games.net


Celtic_Rumble_v.1.0_Win64.zip 55 MB
Celtic_Rumble_v.1.0_Win32.zip 52 MB
Celtic_Rumble_v1.0_MacOSX.zip 59 MB
Celtic_Rumble_v.1.0_Linux.zip 61 MB

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