Moby & Toby v1.2 released

Moby & Toby v1.2 changelog


  • Island rework with alpha textures
    • Adjusted levels and palms for overlapping islands’ alpha
  • Flamingo with 3 animations added
  • Clouds added to levels
  • Added Controller support
  • Settings reworked to have functioning sfx and music volumes
  • Settings now accessible from inside Level-Escape-Menu
  • Settings now show what they are set to after being closed and reopened
  • Game now checks for resolution of users screen and adjusts window size
  • Score-Screen extended with stat and multiplier information
  • Coins now also show above the level buttons on the map
  • Rain and thunder effects added to level 2
  • Weather Effects Setting added to Settings
  • Named each level
  • Intro-Text added to beginning of levels and boss fights
  • Added swim-in animation intro to first level
  • New Loading-screen background image and font improved
  • Spiri cheat now heals the player to full hp
  • Added new cheat FRZ that transforms Moby into a Toucan

Music & SFX

  • 6 new music pieces
  • Reworked music supporting *.ogg, separate from sfx
  • Different music in some levels
  • Boss fight music added
  • Music added to level selection map
  • Various new SFX for health packs, tentacles and thunder storm…
  • SFX & Music volume adjustments
  • Shortened splash and cannon sound effects


  • Kraken bullet speed enrage nerfed
  • Kraken Ink Bullet made more visible via outlines
  • Kraken Ink Bullet sizes reduced
  • Spread-shot ship HP reduced
  • Improved transporter shield timing

Bugfixes & Adjustments

  • Raised ocean height up to cover island bases
  • Fixed Boss shooting and moving during pause and cut-scene timings
  • Fixed repeating end-screen after bosses
  • Fixed dropped scrap by enemies persisting into other levels
  • Cut-scenes no longer cover dialogue panels
  • Shop no longer usable during cut-scenes
  • Shop and Esc-Menu no longer openable on the end-screen
  • Made Dialogue hidden while shop open
  • Upgrade Shop highlighting made clearer through a blink animation
  • Fixed Shop- and Esc-menu open/close input
  • GUI, Esc- & Main-menu design changes
  • Button neighbour selection fixes
  • Panels in level-select closable with cancel buttons
  • Credits fonts and positioning improved, background added
  • Added and fixed each level's total-enemy amount
  • Changed the way enemy shot sfx are played (for volume reasons)
  • Fixed boss health bar visible in level 5
  • Made tentacles pause movement when dead & rising
  • Fixed sea-through sail issue on all ships
  • Player swim particles changed
  • Reduced some texture file sizes
  • Removed old files


Moby& 77 MB
Mar 30, 2018
Moby& 90 MB
Mar 30, 2018

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