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Pin is a cute family friendly 3D point & click adventure about a quirky robot seeking it's place in the animal community of an idyllic village. 

The game tells the heartwarming story of the quirky robot  from the big city.  Pin wishes for a humble life in a peaceful environment and moves to a little japanese village full of talking animals. It is up to Pin to help out the community and make new friends.

Players can talk to villagers, learn their needs, pick up and combine various items, and use them to help everyone and make the village a better place. The goal is to become friends with the locals and find your place amongst them.

For concepts, development insights, and more visit us on facebook/pinthegame

This is a semester project at the S4G School for Games GmbH by it's students.

The passionate team behind Pin:

Soren Wagner                  - Producer
Olaf Meißner                   - Game Designer
Frederik Trampenau   - Game Engineer
Ilka Hesche                       - Concept Artist
Pia Krensel                        - 3D Artist
Lisa Günther                     - VFX Artist
Melina Stratmann         - Animation Artist
Daniel Stiber                  - 3D Artist

S4G School for Games GmbH
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Release date Sep 09, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSchool for Games
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
LinksOfficial Website, Community


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