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The Game

In Poison Hierarchy you take control of Junus, a young adept who is learning the craft of Alchemy. Join him on his adventure to the capital to take his final exam and deal with mythical creatures on his way.

The Story

Our story starts in a little village where we meet our hero Junus and his master Brandolf the White. At the moment they are preparing to leave for the king's castle in the capital of the kingdom Walden for Junus' next exam with another renowned Alchemist who has the required equipment.  


You can control you character by using the following

Move Up
Move DownS
Move RightD
Move LeftA
Pick Up RuneG
Activate RuneF
Advance DialogueRight click Mouse


The release is planned for July 3rd 2020.

About the Team

Aimée Wenzel (2D, Environment, Character, UI/UX)

Frederike Baer (2D, Environment, UI/UX)

Lena Lindenberg (2D, Environment, Character & Creature Design, UI/UX)

Karim Meziane (Programming, VFX)

Hans-Joachim Wenzig (Game Design, Level Design)

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Poison Hierarchy.zip 36 MB