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Vision Statement

“Solidgate” is a 3D first-person stealth game, set in a prison. The protagonist is an innocent prisoner who wants to escape and prove his innocence. The player is able to reach the end of the level through different ways and play styles which will lead to different endings. To unlock prohibited areas, the player has to find the right objects without getting caught. 


Solidgate is a 3D first-person stealth game made for windows pc. In the meaning of stealth game genre, the player has to avoid alerting enemies or getting caught by guards. Typical for the genre are different ways to sneak around enemies, different objects to hide from opponents or various ways to distract them.

Individual playstyle

Contrary to other stealth games, the player is able to play with his own playstyle which is supported by different mechanics. By deciding for an individual style, the player will customize the difficulty on his own. An escape is equally possible through sneaking during the whole game as through using violent mechanics or breaking different objects.

Different ways to escape

The prison contains different areas that are reachable by different options. The player is able to explore the prison and its areas by every run and is able to find new ways to escape through the areas every time.

Story of an innocent prisoner

In contrast to other stealth games or prison breakouts, Solidgate is about an innocent protagonist. The narrative supports a peaceful escape and encourages the player to use illegal mechanics as little as possible. 


Solidgate Build.zip 724 MB