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Take control of a party of champions determined to reclaim what was taken from them ages ago! Explore the beautiful palace of the ancestors and battle against the hostile creatures of the deep! Gather the relics of your ancestors and return your society to their former glory!

Relics of the Deep is a 2D dungeon crawler featuring tactical turn based combat with a strong emphasis on experimentation with different weapons and party setups.


  • Fight monsters in turn based party to party combat
  • Explore dungeons and find loot
  • Find new weapons that provide your characters with unique skills
  • Customize your party to adapt to the challenges and find new party dynamics

The Team

Relics of the Deep is developed as a student project at the S4G School for Games in Berlin. Our team consists of  four artists, three designers and one engineer.

We appreciate all forms of feedback, So if you have something you would like to let us know please feel free to write a comment or contact us on one of our social media outlets.

Visit our website: TBA

Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/S4G.Relics.of.the.Deep


Relics of the Deep.zip 42 MB