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In Siege Breaker the player takes on the role of a King, defending his castle against the evil enemy monster siege from four different sites.

To fend of the monsters` onslaught the mages on the castle walls use their mind controlling magic, navigating the enemy units in rows to destroy them with a single heavy AoE spell.

You as the player have to navigate the monster-blocks in rows to dissolve them, always trying to get a Tetris, a four-row-at-a-time dissolution, which scores the most points.

With every cleared row he also triggers a multiplier increasing with every followed dissolved row, lasting 15 seconds and decreasing in time with every additional cleared row.

After dissolving a certain number of rows the player raise the game level, unlocking a new lane and increasing the drop speed of the blocks. So the game gets faster and faster, creating a hectic and furious feeling and steadily challenging the player.

If the game becomes too fast for the player, the blocks stacking high and the block-buildings have many gaps, the games speed decreases dynamically to let the player find his way back in the game and dissolve his miss buildings.

The reward for the players effort is the score, steadily increasing, and a goldberg at the right side of the screen, steadily growing and changing from bronze to silver, gold and diamond. In normal mode he/she is also able to enter the online highscore list to compare him/herself with other players around the world.


Siege Breaker Game.rar 13 MB

Install instructions

Thanks for playing SIege Breaker.

1. Download the .zip

2. Extract the .exe

3. Play and enjoy!