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Hello my dear Adventurer,

I have a glorious quest for you. Are you interested in eternal fame, power and fortune? Then come and follow me! I will lead you to quest, which will help you achieve your goals.


Ah, I see. Your'e interested! Good, good. So, you have to slay those evil demons to proceed to the great treasure and live in wealth. But beware! On your way will be dangerous forces, which you have to fight with your magic. Some ignorant people call your power "black magic", but don't listen to them. 

So, if you're interested in going on an adventure, just click download below.


"Slaying Demons_" is a Text Adventure, where you can explore a wonderful, classic fantasy world through text and experience some twists, you may not have expected. 

  • Collect words to fight against different creatures
  • use the power of words to interact with your environment 
  • be part of a catching story line

"Slaying Demons_" is currently in development and is going to be released on 6th March 2020.

If you are interested in peaking into development and be up to date about the progress, you can follow us on Instagram.  


Download SlayingDemons.zip, unpack it and run SlayingDemons.exe in the bin folder.


SlayingDemons.zip 68 MB