Deep Within's Launch is here!

Deep Within is finally live! 

After 11 Weeks of hard work we of Team Creepy Crawlers proudly present what we have been working on all this time.

Deep Within is a students project build by a small team of 9 who all are students at School4Games - S4G in Berlin, Germany. The Covid-19 situation definitely influenced the way we had to work on this project as a team. Everything was build and done without us meeting in real life as a full team even once, it was a pure Home Office project. Even though these unfortunate times complicated the way we had to work, we are still immensely proud of what we achieved in the small time we had! Each member of the team poured their heart and soul into this and we think we managed to capture the feeling in the finished game of what we planned to do from when we originally pitched this project.

We hope we can expand on the games world even more in the future. We definitely have additional levels and settings on the drawing board to enhance our small project even more. 

Finally we would like to thank everyone who supported us along the way, be it from the staff and tutors at S4G , our fellow class-mates from other projects , family and friends and even strangers who helped us to create Deep Within :)

We sincerely hope that you, the player, will enjoy our little project and are grateful for any feedback, criticism, comment or like we get from you and most importantly hope you have a lot of fun playing it! 


Team Creepy Crawlers

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