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Deepest Dungeon takes parts of a souls-like combat system and throws it into Archero's arena concept. This is additionally rounded off by the Viking setting and diverse loot.

The Story

We live in an elf town powered by magic. This magic comes from wondrous crystals found only in dungeons guarded by evil creatures.

Your Mission

We are warriors of a guild who have made it their mission to cleanse them. The payment for this is that we can keep the whole loot.

✔ Action

✔ Diversity

✔ Intuitive

✔ Rewarding


The Team

Dominik K. - Producer / Game Design  - LinkedIn

Michael Ruf - Game Design / Visionkeeper - LinkedIn

Noel Obermeier - Level Design - LinkedIn

René Hecker - Gameplay Programmer / Engineer - sharemygame | LinkedIn

Viktorya Kokahn - 3D Artist Lead / Animation - ArtstationLinkedIn

Julia Mohneke - 3D Artist / Animation - LinkedIn

Dennis Röhlke - 3D Artist / Concept / Animation - Artstation

Tabea Roth - 2D Artist / UI/UX - ArtstationInstagram

Cecilia Breithaupt - 2D Artist / Concept - LinkedIn | Artstation

Julian M. - Sound - Website

Jeremy Froböse  - Sound - Website

Jele Flügge - Voice Over - Website

Cafofo - Asset Store - Sound Effects - Website


DeepestDungeon_linux_v1.03 719 MB
DeepestDungeon_win_v1.03 777 MB

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