A downloadable game for Windows

About the game:

You are trapped inside of a big and complex facility. Your only objective is to gain your freedom by escaping from your current situation! Escaping is only possible by solving different challenging puzzles throughout the recycling facility.

Can you achieve freedom?

Or will you get recycled?


  • Virtual reality support
    The game supports virtual reality with the Oculus Rift, making the whole game experience more immersive.
  • Difficult puzzle design
    Various kinds of puzzles distributed around the level. These must be solved to progress further into the game. Examples are passcode, conveyor belt and color based puzzles.

Install instructions

Non VR Version: Just unpack the Zip Folder and execute the application


EscapeFromRecycling_2017-03-11j_non_VR.zip 83 MB


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I like the game. The graphics are totally adequate for a puzzle game. I assume the 'out of order' puzzles will be added later. A few specific comments (I played EscapeFromRecycling_2017-03-11j_non_VR.zip):

a) Drawers don't close (at least I couldn't do it). That means if you open the top drawer you will never see what's in the drawer below. For the "find the passode in the drawer" puzzle this can be a showstopper.

b) The "change direction" converyor belt puzzle was a bit confusing, because the direction the belt is going is indicated by a number. I assumed the inital "2" meant I had 2 tries or something similar and wondered why it changed to 3 upon click. I think the number should be changed to a directional arrow.

c) I like that in the "count the number of boxes on the rack" puzzle the order on the keypad is slightly different than on the rack. If somebody came up with that deliberatlely, kudos!