In Gunkey you play as a monkey with a gun who has to use said weapon for both fight and flight.

You are equipped with guns that can not only be used to blast the various mechanical baddies that stand in your way to freedom, their crazy knockback will also allow you to launch yourself up high into the air and to zoom past the many tricky platforming challenges that you will have to face.


  • 2 powerful guns
  • 3 tricky obstacles including giant fans and exploding barrels
  • 4 mean enemies including angry turrets and exploding wasps
  • 4 levels filled with both tricky jumps and intense combat
  • 12 hidden keys to collect
  • Global leaderboard with multiple categories


We're a passionate team of artists, game-designers and a game engineer who developed this game in 10 weeks as a part of our studies at School for Games (S4G) Berlin. Gunkey served as final paper for our first semester and we're truly proud of the result.

  • Anni Kostrzewa: System Design, Level Design 
  • Ava Wilski: Animation, Concept Art
  • Benedikt Mertes: Programming
  • Giulio Pichierri: Level Design, Sounds
  • Merit Faske: 2D Art, Art Direction
  • Till Braunwald: Game Design, VFX, UI / UX


Gunkey4Linux.tar.gz 147 MB
Gunkey4Mac.dmg 164 MB
Gunkey.zip 146 MB

Install instructions

Important: Regardless of operating system you must always keep the executable in the same folder as the .pck file.

Hit RightClick and select "Extract all". Run the provided Exe.

Enter the terminal. Run "tar -xzvf Gunkey4Linux.tar.gz". Run" ./Gunkey.x86_64".

(Instead of our explanation you can also follow this guide.)
As we did not yet notarize the game by Apple you must currently temporarily override the GateKeeper in order to run it. To do so first double click the .dmg file and then open the Gunkey.app file contained within in. You will get a notification that the app cannot be played because Apple can't check it for malicious software. Press "show in Finder" and then open the app again via right-click + open. After selecting "open" in the resulting pop-up, GateKeeper will no longer prevent you from running the game.


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good stuff

(1 edit) (+1)

Absolutely fantastic!!!

Thank you so much, we're very glad you enjoy it!


The game feels like a playable Gorillaz music video!

(3 edits) (+2)

Unleash the Monkey... Gunkey?

Gunkey offers us the opportunity to release our primal instincts, instincts we all share... Rocket propulsion with SHOTGUNS! *BANG* 

The gameplay is addicting and the leaderboard actually made me go for the record in Level 1 (which was immediately claimed by @Mondanzo again....)

Artstyle, music and gameplay complement each other perfectly! The game supports controller (tested PC download version), but after a while I preferred keyboard and mouse.


Great game, first Platformer I played since Mario Bros on Nintendo back in 2014


Cool and fun game Top G


Thanks! :)