A downloadable game for Windows

Play as fast food worker Jodie Ross in this 2D platformer with shooting mechanic. 

Work your way through this futuristic comic world, but be careful: Chaos is spreading since the sudden disappearance of your daughter, the local super heroine. 

Fight evil robots and explore the world to find her and restore peace in the comic book world!

A first semester project made by the one and only crunchy soup team from the school for games Berlin.


Araya Muangkhunrong:
Lead Art, Environment & Props, Marketing: Instagram | Artstation

Anja Regnery:
Concept Art & Animation :  LinkedIn | Artstation | Instagram

Noel Obermeier
Producer, Programmer, Game Designer:

Bastian Schweer
Producer, Programmer, Game Designer:

Lukas Ries: 2D Artist: Instagram | Artstation

Ragnar Kneip 3D Artist:


How not to be a Hero.zip 64 MB

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