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Karashuta is a color based top-down shooter set in a futuristic Sci-Fi environment. You play a character whos consciousness is currently transfered to a drone. You use your ability to switch colors to absorb bullets and become stronger to defeat your enemies, but beware, the enemies can also absorb your bullets.


The game is set on a space station in the future which is getting overrun by aggressive robots who try to kill everything and everyone who isn't on their side. The levels you complete are hand made but randomly placed based on their difficulty throughout the run. After each level you will gain some progress towards the hub room based on how difficulty the level was. Based on how good you finished level you will be rewarded with extra hit points to go further in the run.


Producer / Game Designer: Benjamin Scharff
Level / Game Designer: Ben O. Wildenhayn
Lead Engineer: Bastian Krüger
Lead 3D Artist: Ramón Klauck
Engineer: Floyd Seiffert
3D Artist: Morten Metzlaff

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSchool for Games
GenreShooter, Action
TagsGodot, gungeon, Roguelike, Top down shooter


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