A downloadable game for Windows

You control an extraterrestrial war machine, fighting against a lethal AI that terrorizes earth. 


  • Addicting fast paced arcade Shooter 
  • Unique art style and special effects
  • Extensive movement abilities with game changing upgrades
  • Fight random waves with raising difficulty
  • Five unique enemy types
  • Weapon heat system instead of ammunition
  • Good fps even on low computers 
  • Alien abilities for your advantage
  • Completely free 


Lethal Core was released on friday, June 6. 2020

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About the Project

Lethal Core has been created within three months by eight School4Games students an an external audio artist.

Install instructions

Unzip and run LethalCore.exe to play.


Lethal Core_v1.2.zip 411 MB


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This is an excellent-looking Game. Though playing this, as I just have. I've noticed that you can only upgrade you're ship with alienated parts, that fall off of destroyed rival ccrafts. I also noticed that for some reason when you maintenance your ship within that repair sphere. The maintenance grade degrades every time you repair you're ship. I like this game! Though it would be nice if this vessel could use other metallic metals from scraps and other debris, lying around the destroyed city. To build and matain this ship under the same temporary  restrictions. As there's not enough materials. Although the game has excellent graphics. Putting enemies on a leveled list for difficulty would be a suggestion. Maybe giving it a side quest were it can hunt down smaller ships or such, for extra xp. Or parts. Thank you for your time.


awesome fast paced it is very fun to play and addictive i just think you should add more levels i mean different environments

i really love the art and the music the game play is also fun

keep going❤❤❤

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Indeed, we are still working on more waves, polishing  and a boss battle as a final highlight!

The team is realy happy about your encouraging words. Thanks alot! 


i am huge fan excited to try the game after the update❤