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Welcome to "Pelagos".

"Pelagos" is a game where the player traverses a captivating world underwater.  While exploring he gets to take pictures and to fill his journal with entries about the environment and all kinds of creatures.

Ever wanted to exlor the depths of the ocean! Now is the time to try!

The passionate team behind "Pelagos": 

Niklas Weber - 3D 

Thomas Krahl - Engineering / UI / Sound

Emely Drawert - VFX 

Tatjana Stenz - VFX

Clemens Gayk - Art Direction / 2D / Level Art

Caro Buchmann - 2D

Marlene Angermann - Sound

Dominik Monberger - 3D / Animation

Gina Jaeschke - UI

Leon von Rabenau - Production / UI

Enno Winter - Art Director / 3D / Lighting Artist

Marco Eberhardt - Engineer

Constantin Schmidt - Game Design 

Naima Baskaraca - 2D Concept Art / Level Art

Hufdis - Sound

SirFake - Sound

S4G School for Games GmbH Official website 



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