A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The Game

"Roll About" is a 3D Roll-a-Ball in which the player can direct a ball of gold.
In this world there is an ornate Mayan temple, which is the resting place of the ball. Throughout this adventure, players can take in the fascinating beauty of the area surrounding them.
To reach the end of the level, the player has to collect 3 coin pieces.

The Story

A thief steals 3 ancient coins from a mayan temple and a curse awakens a golden orb. On his escape the coins break and the thief loses pieces of them...


  • Relaxed Gameplay
  • Checkpoints
  • 3 beautiful Levels
  • Destructible Objects


The Game will be released on 06.03.2020 for Windows x64 and Linux x64. You can play with Keyboard and Mouse.

About the Team

Daniel Rieder (Producer)

Sindy Krinke (Game Design and Level Design)

Hans J. Wenzig (Game Design and Level Design)

Karim Meziane (Engineer)

Paulina Koller (2D Artist and UI)

Patrice Freudiger (VFX/Techart and Textures)

Lukas Lehme (3D Artist)

Matthias Franz (3D Artist and Sound)

Online Presence





Roll About Windows ver. 166 MB
Roll About Linux ver. 168 MB


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Thanks for the Linux version! A nice and cool little gem.


Thanks for playing =)