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 Help Sasya, a small nature spirit, free their folk from a prison tower.

    Fight against one challenging boss and their three bullet-hell-phases,     adapt to new patterns, react fast and watch your steps closely in order to win this difficult boss fight.

⮞ One challenging boss fight

⮞ Three different bullet-hell-phases

⮞ New patterns each phase

⮞ Fast and smooth movement

⮞ Cute, simple narrative

⮞ Atmospheric Music

Need an extra challenge? Try a speed-run or try not to get hit!
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The Team:

Changai Batbajar  -   Producer
Constantin Schmidt  -  Game Designer, Sound Designer
Daniel Valenta  -  Game Designer
Katja Seehafer  -  Game Designer, Level Designer
Aleksey Vanshin  -  Engineer
Yazan Alasad Masoud  -  Engineer, Music Producer
Brook Tinz  -  Lead Artist, VFX Artist
Enno Winter -  Co Art Lead, 3D Environment- / Lighting Art
Amelia Rubin  -  2D Artist, Concept Artist
Jessica Fölber  -  UI / UX Artist
Lucas Mania  -  3D Environment
Matthias Quaas -  Animation
Tim Friedmann  -  3D Environment, HTML

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsSchool for Games, Brook TInz, UrbanWonderUrchins, Kaja
Tags3D, Bullet Hell, Short, Twin Stick Shooter, Unity


Sasya.zip 261 MB


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Pretty fun bullet-hell game! Presentation wise, it’s pretty solid! The opening cutscene had some nice artwork and small animation to it. The arena and characters in-game are modeled well. The animations for the boss were neat as well. I think the sound design could have used a bit more work, the game feels too quiet for the amount of stuff happening on screen. Feels like the game could have used a bit more energy in the sound effects and in the music. 

Gameplay wise, the controls were solid. I like that your projectiles have a limited range. I think it forces the player to be a bit more engaged with movement. Lastly, I wish that mouse cursor reticle was easier to see. It blends into the background to me.

Overall, solid project!