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Shard Breaker is a 3D FPS where the player explores an ominous frozen ruin. He has to fight different creatures in fast paced fights, get their abilities to use these against them and to overcome obstacles


  • Explore icy ruins in first person
  • Burst your way through with fire magic
  • Engage in fast paced combat
  • Atmospheric Music

The Team

Martin Niechoy - Producer

Julian Zempel - Game Design / System Design

Nico Richter - Level Design

Aina Theede - Lead Artist / Concept Art - Artstation

Peter Brockhammer - Concept Art

Sarafina Hüsgen - Animation

Justin Goldschmidt - 3D Creature Art

Dmitry Samokhin - 3D Environment / Lighting Art

Justin Mätschke - Engineer

Thomas Krahl - Engineer

Marten Richter - VFX

Maria Tartz - UI Art / Design

Jeremy Froböse - Music Production

Marcus Hedenberg - Music Production

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shardbreakerSetup.exe 963 MB


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Don't worry about any warnings of possible scam or virus in this download or installer. It's a simple Leftover setting from Unity builds :)

Am back. Found a few problems. For some reason, I can't change the walking keys, though the rest works. I also seem to be able to fire a seventh time if I hold the fire button. Not sure if you know about these or not, but I figured you might want a heads up.

I also managed to get myself stuck - There's a room that you can drop down into. I have a feeling the ice in front of the doorway is supposed to disappear, but otherwise I'm not sure. It's just after you enter the rooms - you take the side tunnel, and instead of jumping up to the top room, you drop down. I also managed to make the crouch mess up - instead of holding it down, I'd only tap it. This meant that there were a few areas where my head went into the ceiling, as the model didn't match where the ceiling was. Other than that, looking real nice. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for playing and for the video :)


Looking good.


Thank you! :)