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Game Overview

  • The game level is a wooden tavern table with tablecloth on it.
  • It's limited by magic rune borders at the top and bottom side.
  • The game space is continuous.
The left and right side are borderless so that the ball can fall off the table.

Winning Condition

  • The player's short-term goal is to block the ball more often than the opponent by moving his paddle up & down. If a player can't block the ball successfully, his opponent scores a point.
  • A player wins the game by scoring 10 points.
  • When a player scores a goal, his opponent gets to have the first ball contact of the new round.

Core Gameplay

  • The players can move their paddles vertically, but not horizontally.
  • The angle, in which the ball is hit back by a paddle can be dictated by taking it with the outer end of the paddle.

Game Progression

  • At the start of the game both players have an empty focus bar.
  • With every successful block, the bar will charge a bit higher, with the ultimate goal to use mighty abilities.

The game evolves from a calm competition to a wild brawl over the course of a match.

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