A downloadable game for Windows

The Lost Suraki is a light-hearted 3D adventure in which you fly over and fire-dash through obstacles in vivid levels to help the star crossed lovers, Suraki and Nero reunite.


Suraki, a sweet little fire spirit. and Nero, a goofy little water spirit are in love with each other.

One starry night, the two star crossed lovers are watching the pretty fireflies in the night sky when suddenly, a storm appears carrying Suraki away.

Determined to be reunited with Nero, Suraki needs your help to return home.


TheLostSuraki.exe 120 MB


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Had a lot of fun playing your game! It was super cute! thank you so such for sharing it! 

great game, found 1 bug though:

- sometimes while facing and running into a wall you can stay inside of it