A downloadable game for Windows

Untamed is a 3D Soulsborne inspired Bossfight with focus
on agile melee combat

«From the looks of it, you're a hunter of a special kind. There's a rumour of some sort of demon ...»

«Disbelieving the rumours, but curious about the truth,
you investigate the situation...»

«As you are wandering through the underground tunnels, 
you suddenly hear an unholy scream...»

Untamed is a 3rd person action boss-battle  game, where your main goal is to defeat the enemy with a mix of light and heavy attacks aswell as dodging. You have a limited amount of healing pots at your disposal and at the same time have to keep an eye on your stamina bar, because draining it will drastically limit your ability to perform any further action.

  • 1 challenging bossfight
  • 1 combat arena + testing area
  • Stamina system
  • Atmospheric environment
  • Combo movement and bonuses

Made by SixWeeksEntertainment

We are a third-semester student group at S4G - School for Games.
Untamed is a project on which we worked for roughly six weeks.
It was an educational experience with an outcome we can be proud of.


UNTAMED 1.14.zip 724 MB
READ_ME_v1.14.txt 1 kB

Install instructions

Just download the UNTAMED1.1.4.zip  at the location of your choice. The game can be played by executing Untamed.exe

Development log


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cool gam


You guys make the coolest games


I like artwork I wait Full Game Fighting!


it is an awesome experience 

i really like the artwork 💙