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Urban Outcasts is an isometric 2.5D Adventure with RPG elements. The player’s goal is to explore the setting of the story through a variety of characters by talking and completing quests. The world is filled with diverse characters from different worlds, cultures and creature races.

The Story:

A huge amount of abnormal energy is threatening the universe. 

You, a member of The Magic Council are sent to investigate and eliminate the cause.


  • David A. - Producer
  • Rafael W. - Lead Designer
  • Matheo S. - Engineer
  • Lisa H. - Lead Artist
  • Salome S. - 3D Artist
  • Luisa R. - UI Artist
  • Araya M. - Artist
  • Anja R. - Artist
  • Melissa M. - Proofreading

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSchool for Games
Tagsstorygame, Story Rich


UrbanOutcasts.zip 277 MB


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I'm having some weird visual effects in-game because of what looks like some screen resolution issues- the settings menu looks like this, for instance (https://i.imgur.com/99jqZyG.png). I'm unable to get the in-game phone to change menus and I'm assuming it might be related.


yea sadly you have to play the game in Full HD Solution


great jobs