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Vei - The Trail of Life is a Story driven, exploratory 3D Adventure, in which the player restores the nature of a devastated world.


Vei is based on places and stories of the nordic mythology. Once upon a time the tree of life provided all world with energy. Fenrir the world eater longed for the destruction of the tree, to engulf the world in darkness. Fenrir's plan was successful and thus all life was destroyed, including Fenrir himself. Shortly before the end of the world, Idun, the goddess of nature planted her child in the heart of the tree. The child was named Nýr.

Join Nýr on his quest to undo Fenrir's destruction and restore nature with the trail of life.


  • Unique Characters

Nýr is a mythical creature with features from different animals, which give him a unique and mystical look. By his side is Lille Venn, a spirit of the forest, who guides Nýr through the world and acts of a jolly comic relief character, as contrast to the barren landscape.

  • Recreation of nature

The subject life and death are to be find in all features of the game. The player finds himself in a destroyed world, which is revived and nurtured by his actions.

This creates strong contrasts in the mood and the emotions of the player.

  • Emotional Story

Vei tells a never told version of the nordic mythology around Ragnarök, the end of the world. This is why Vei offers the opportunity to create something new and tell a unique story.

  • Dynamic Soundtrack

The music of Vei adjusts itself to the mood of the game. Each Level has a unique theme, which is tailored to the plot. The music carries the player into a magical world, underlines the suspense, when the player meets the evil and triggers emotional highs, when the player experiences a highlight.





Official Website

Install instructions

Unzip the Archive and launch the Vei - The Trail of Life.exe

Notice: This is a Unity Application. The Data folder must be in the same folder as the .exe, for the Application to be playable.


Vei - The Trail of Life.zip 263 MB


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I really want this game! It looks really pretty but I can't install it!

Hello Victoria, sorry for the late reply. You just need to download and Unzip the Folder. You can either use WinZip, WinRar oder 7Zip for it. Once unzipped you can start the "Vei - The Trail of Life.exe" and the game should run fine. We hope you like the game as much as the screenshots.  :)

Thanks for letting me know!This game is cool!!