Arktonis 13 - Build 13 is out now!

This build adresses polishing of the current demo. It adds a new event that serves as tutorial for the final battery puzzle. The server rooms terminal is now easier to find, some graphics and sounds were improved and a few bugs fixed. If you still find any, let us know! 

Detailed changes since Build 12:

- adjusts light lods in server room
- server room now has enlightended fires and less lighting overall to make flashlight more valueable
- server room now has better server hop area
- stabilizer now plays stable animation in past time
- adjusts flash light for better enlighting
- server room floor is now less reflective
- time boxes in office are now static
- time boxes in office are now less emissive
- implements office corridor door
- office floor is now less reflective
- adjusts some materials to fit correct reactor color
- better fire vfx
- path in server room is now linear and more open at server hop location
- fire vfx work now with casting
- fixed corridors fire light to fit the right time line
- removed pills lights from scene and added another box for those who missed the first one
- Removed M-Key binding


Arktonis 13 (Build13)
Dec 20, 2020

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