Arktonis 13 Final Version - Out now!

At this final Patch we addressed some smaller issues, added a chapter selection for demonstration purposes and removed options, that did not make it into the game.

We think we have reached an astonishing state within the time we had and our goal of creating an immersive experience. We hope you think so too, after having given Arktonis 13 a try.

Our journey into game business continues and we hope you will check out our next games! See you around!

Full list:

  • Made Audio slider functional
  • Removed option settings, that did not make it into the game
  • fixed: ESC not working after having finished the game
  • Added Chapter Selection 
  • fixed: Time boxes 
  • Reduced blur at pause menu
  • Tutorial texts (like F for Flashlight) last longer now


Arktonis13_Win64.exe 1 GB
Feb 03, 2021 1 GB
Feb 03, 2021

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I am stuck in Chapter 2. How do you find a working terminal in the office room to generate a one time access code to the storage room? I assumed it would be the large, obvious display that was already on in the middle of the room, but I cannot seem to interact with it. 

Hi DeltaYellow,

thanks for playing!
When you look at the room with the broken window, the goal is at the left end of the room.

To get there, go through the window, to the right, left  and then you are in the center of the room (where you're stuck i guess).  Look forward, maybe a bit to the left. Change the time and crouch forward next to a fire.  You will find the terminal to the right.
I hope it helps! :)