Start of the new sprint


in the last article, we explained you our core features and told you why they are so important for us. This week we want to tell you if we could realize the features or not and explain to you what are our next steps.

Sprint evaluation 

In the last sprint, we were trying to realize our movable player figuresthe environment, and the alien body parts.

It was not possible to finish these features in the last sprint, so we need to extend the time for these features. This could have many reasons. For example, the sprint consists of too many backlog items. The time to work on a feature was insufficient because we want to join the lessons in our school or the backlog items had a very high complexity.

In the next sprint, we will pay attention to these issues so that we can achieve our goal and our deliverables for the next milestone.

Next steps 

For the next sprint, we want to finish the open backlog items and add one more to the sprint backlog: Item interaction. Also, we work on the project documentation. For example the game design document, the art bible, the technical document and the workflow document. These documents are the deliverables for our next milestone and should help us to get a clear image of our game.

Thanks for reading!

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