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last week we were talking about the results of the last milestone and how we handle the feedback. In this article, we want to explain to you which goals we have archived from the last sprint and which goals we want to reach this sprint.

Sprint evaluation

Because of the feedback in the 3rd milestone we had the goal for the last sprint, that all assets are in a representative state, the mock-up is rebuilt in the engine, and we have a revised concept of our game. All of these goals are reached, but we just have to update the game design document to the revised concept. We also broke down our backlog items so we can track our progress better than before.

Next steps

In this sprint, we want to have our animation on a representative state so we know how these help the player to understand what he does. We also want the placeholder sounds and the first effects in the engine, so that we can adjust the feedback effects and make our game more intuitive. The last goal for this week is to make the main menu and player selection ready and implement it in the engine.

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