One week until the exams


in the last article were talking about our last sprint and what our steps until this week are. This week, we want to talk about the results of the last sprint and what our next steps are.

Sprint evaluation

Our goal for the last sprint was, that every animation is in a representative state, the first feedback sounds and -effects are implemented in the engine, and we have a menu where the player can start the game.

With the start of the new sprint, we were not able to bring the animations in a representative state, some of our team members getting sick. The first feedback sounds and effects are implemented in the engine and for the menu were working on a new idea and now we try to realize that idea.

Next steps

For the reason, that we write our next exams in the next week, we have the goal for this sprint, that the level is finished, all assets are in a final state and the game content is complete. Also, we have to work on the animations so we can show them in the next milestone.

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