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General Information

Release: 08.09.2017

Platform: PC

Players: 2-4

Controls: X-Box 360 - Controller


The Game

SpaceLab: Area42 is a 4 player local co-op experience for PC, where the players have to build their own Aliens in a low poly space laboratory. They need to work and communicate with each other in order to get the required and correct colored alien without losing too much time.



Build an Alien from different body parts

To complete the levels the players have to build as many aliens as possible to reach the high score. For that, the players have to take one of the four different alien body parts and take it to the building table to create the alien.

Color the body parts to build different aliens

For the variety and difficulty of the game, the players have to color the alien body parts on the color stations. To do that, the players have all three basic colors: blue, red and yellow so they can mix the colors to build more different looking aliens.

Increasing difficulty 

To build our level we look at our gameplay reference: Overcooked. We want to introduce our mechanics to the players slowly in the main menu, so they understand what they have to do. After that, the players should use these mechanics to build many aliens they can in order to destroy the earth.


About Us

We are Alien Production, a Team of 2nd Semester S4G students developing our next game: "SpaceLab: Area42", since April 2017. Our group is made up of three artists, three game designers, and one engineer. Our goal is to improve our skills in making video games.

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SpaceLab: Area42


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