Results of the Milestone


in the last article, we tell you about our focus to the 3rd milestone and what our expectations are. This week we want to share the results of the milestone with you, how we handle the feedback and what our next steps are.

Results of the milestone

The 3rd milestone ran not so good because some of our documents were not complete and the art assets were not final. So as mentioned in the last post, we got criticism to the art department.  We also got some feedback on the game design department because our game looks not fun.

Our next steps

Because we did not deliver our goals to the 3rd milestone, we have to create an action plan where we define our goals to the next milestone. Our first step to delivering these goals is to break all backlog items down into less complex items. Also, we try to update our game to an alpha-version in the first week of the action plan so we can reach the beta-version at the end of the action plan.

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