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in the last post, we looked back to the last sprint and try to figure out why we do not get the goal of this sprint. Today we want to tell you how this week is filled with exams in our school and how we manage this with our project.


As we mentioned in the first post, we are a team of students who study game development. That means, we get many lessons in game design, game art, and programming. And so that our school can be sure that we all have the knowledge to find oneself a job, we need to write some exams. This week is one of few exam-weeks. Our artists have their exams in anatomy, character model pack, composition, and rendering. Our programmer has his exams in graphic coding and C++. Our game designers have their exams in game design and production.

How we manage the exams with the project

As you see, we have a lot of exams in this week. That means we have to look which departments have more time than others. In this week our artists and programmer are focused on the exams because their exercises are distributed over the week. Our game designers have two written exams in short succession, which leaves them more time to elaborate the features and push the documentation forward.

Thanks for reading and wish us luck for the exams!

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